Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spring 2010 Emporio Armani

You probably don't know this but my all-time-favourite designer brand is in fact Emporio Armani. I was looking through at their Spring 2010 collection. It was love at first sight! Too bad the only designer things I have are purses :( I could post all of the runway shots but I won't. Here are four that I absolutely adored. They've gone all metallic and blue and grey and white and black. A favourite of mine.

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Gotta love the LBD!

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Shiizaah, I'd wear that anyday!

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Who doesn't love vertical stripes that make you look taller?

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Okay, I'm so buying this. Well when I'm rich. Dayumm,, this will be out of fashion by then :(

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At a young age

I found this picture of me when I was...ten I think? No I havn't changed at all. But anyway, I was doing a fashion shoot for my mum, and I think I was quite proud of myself for putting together this outfit!

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That outerwear was made of flannel if I'm right. It's one of my favourites. Reminds me of the country, wheat, grass. :S


I'm bloody excited to finally start this blog which I specifically made to express my love of fashion. But let me tell you how I got the idea :)

It was Thursday 31st of December 2009, I was flipping through mum's copy of FAMOUS magazine when I turned to page 49. I found a little section called The Fashion Bloggers with different types of blogs. One caught my eye,

Well I knew about Blogspot but I'd never even thought of making my own fashion blog because everyone would think I was a little lunatic. (I didn't say I wasn't though) And well, her style may not be my style but she inspired me! So...Wish me good luck with this blog.

I'll keep you posted! :)